About Ben

Just me, relaxing on a nice evening

I am an aspiring poet. I write mostly about love—I’m one of the lucky ones.

I have two awesome kids that I care for more than life itself. They are wildly different from each other, but both have sweet gentle souls if you take the time to see them.

I have one partner who also happens to be my closest friend and the most beautiful woman ever to grace this planet. We currently live in the Midwest, but life takes us elsewhere often. We love the city as much as the countryside, the mountains as much as the ocean, the fancy foodie spot as much as the total dive, and the little black dress as much as the long linen one. Anywhere is fine if you’re there with the right person.

I believe in the power of connection—that it can carry us over the deepest valleys and highest peaks.

I believe we should quiet our egos enough that we can actually hear each other. And then I believe we should listen.

I believe every interaction is an opportunity to learn.

I believe there’s only one team and that we’re all on it.

I believe in humanity—I’m an optimist to my core. It often get’s me in trouble, but I’d rather go through life believing the best about people, even knowing I’ll occasionally be proven wrong.

But not with you. You are different.

So, thank you. Thank you for slowing down enough to read these words. That’s a sign you and I could probably be friends.

Be well,
Ben Sea

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