everyone staring
but we didn’t give a fuck
we had each other

May 10, 2022 haiku

all i see

we grabbed the corner booth
in the place we’ve made our own
you smiled at the waitress
i pretended to look at the menu

but really it was you
in the corner of my vision
that blue silk shirt
brightening your eyes

i will always make time
to connect with you
to reach across the table
feel your hand in mine

you are the moonlight
on magnolia petals
the ocean air
across salty sand

you’re the one i’ve chosen
from now until the end
in a room full of people
you are all i see

April 22, 2022


i saw you last night
on the edge of the ocean
walking quietly

April 14, 2022 haiku


the outside has come in
open doors and windows
an invitation to the cool
to the crisp early spring

this late day, golden sun
lighting up the branches
a witness to our own invitation

to know each other
to be known by each other

place your hand on my heart
feel the coursing
rising, falling

you are all i want
so, i make you this promise
to hear you when you speak

come inside

March 21, 2022

wide awake

wide awake at three
and all i can think about
is holding your hand

March 16, 2022 haiku


i caught a glimpse of you
walking on the street
as we passed the plate glass window
with the asian noodles on display
you were strong in the reflection
with your arm in mine
your eyes ahead
storming into the moment

and this is what life is like with you
standing still is falling behind
you keep us pushing
toward the new version of us

but today, i grab your hand
slow you down for just one moment
we turn to face the glass
see ourselves tall, together
your smile weakens me
so i give in to your kiss
a touch to stop the traffic
to slow the earth’s rotation
to pause the sun’s rays from entering the atmosphere
our lips, meeting in the old light
we find truth in each other
friendship, trust

on a sidewalk
in a city
i am yours

March 13, 2022