it is farther
from your skin to mine
than these inches
we could measure

any distance, even touching
could be miles

April 12, 2024 love


beneath my chest
across the table
i feel the red
around my eyes
the glistening
in diner light

don’t be sad” you said
i’m not”

it’s just the sunrise
brilliant sky
i see when you smile
the ocean swell
your touch
that pulls me out to sea
it’s just the absence
of weight from my shoulders
the bow of respect
ceremony of tea
for you
for me

it’s just
i’m flooded with gratitude
to be joined
with someone
i am honored
to be near

February 8, 2024 love

orbiting light

orbiting light
gifting the smiles of our dearest
and a flicker
warmth for a late december
binds us for another year

will you travel with us
through the unknown reach
hold out your hand
as we cross the breach?

time will be our friend
if we invite him in

December 25, 2023 love

a single drop of rain

a single drop of rain
holds time against the window sill
the rhythm comforts me

like your scent
as you float by me at the counter
moving from task to task

like the storm blowing through
fiercely drenching the city streets
then on to the next town

like friends from the past
who see you for just a moment
then find new faces

the drop slows
you place your hand on my shoulder
come sit with me?”

the rhythm stops
we have nowhere to be
but together

July 29, 2023 love


twisted colors bound by runways, lit
but we are dark
cast in the shadow of a century’s momentum

if you see my hopes escaping
my dreams rising
rest your beak in their gentle flesh

we can never stop
between the iris click

capture what you can

July 19, 2023 nature growth


i dreamt of your skin
detailed by the dawn
and woke to find
your every imperfection
there for me to savor

July 14, 2023 love

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