for all that we have left

the heat is creeping into every crevasse
thick air fills each liquid breath

the heavy branches
sag low as they shield us
from the beating sun

when it’s exceptionally hot
they call it oppressive”
as if we’re slaves to our star

but i’m no slave

i’ve volunteered to brave this life
in service to my own star
my shining one love
being beside you is no oppression
it’s pure joy to live in your light
to work hard for your happiness
my reward is only your time
for all that we have left

July 5, 2021


patterns in the stones
tell tales of our past embrace
and our coming love

July 4, 2021 haiku

hand in hand

i’m convinced
that day in january
when i entered your bakery
i stepped into a new universe

one where i’m wanted
one where i’m happy

and maybe you did too
out of the old
into the new
parallel but better
adjacent and improved

and all this has me nervous
to walk through doors
into bakeries
fearing there may be some new universe
with every next step

but i find peace
knowing you’ll stay
no matter what galaxy
we find ourselves in

you and i
wandering the stars
hand in hand

July 3, 2021

they were one

she saw him for who he was
and she stayed

in all the heaviness
in all the delight
she stood beside him

and he loved only her
surrounded by chaos
lifted on light
she was all he needed

hands melded, committed
hearts joined, betrothed
they were one

June 30, 2021

what if

what if i saw you
across the avenue
looking at dreams
through glass, perfectly lit

what if i caught your eye
the only one ready
to make you ready
for the real thing

what if i touched your hand
where tradition was gospel
angels singing upward
and love drifting down

and what if our lips touched
on our curb
lifting your body
to my height
and our pulses
s-o-s-ing our need
were screaming into the night
hoping nobody would hear
but you and me
the rest of the world
sleeping life away
in silence
wouldn’t know true love
like we do
like we have
like we are
from now on
lips, touching
but more than that
a point of connection
that digs down into the earth
and roots us there
ready for what comes
even if what comes
is just you and i
older, but together
counting sunsets
hand in hand

June 19, 2021

it is you that i’m with

i keep my hand in yours
my step in sync
each breath, bated
paused to time my inhale with yours

i keep my eyes on your body
following every curve
every twist and turn

i keep my ear close by
in case you want to whisper
and my lips not far
for a chance at the softest kiss

i’ll take any connection i can find
when it’s you i’m with

and, trust me
it is you that i’m with

June 19, 2021