i’ll watch the sweetness
gathering around your eyes
til the stars burn out

March 24, 2021 haiku

a new key

the wind is moving everything
in sync with its pulse
branches dancing
to the song
the oldest
of all the ancient tunes
a melody
still being sung
generations long
aged but new

and my key is changing
ready for a new melody
ready to leave
the deafening beat
of my past
but no matter the changes
it will always be
my song
aged but new

March 19, 2021

the silence outside

there is silence out my bedroom window
and it is bright, with the morning sun
so i can see inside
to my deepest need
and it is you

March 15, 2021

interested in noise

there are no words left in my lungs
no words to teach or shout
no words to defend myself
i exhaled them one by one
i used them up, in my younger days
before i cared to learn from others
when i was more interested in noise
than silence

but i have infinite words in my hands
and hands are as much for loving
as they are for learning

so i will learn you
and love you
with these hands of mine

March 13, 2021


there are times in life
when saying nothing at all
is the best defense

March 13, 2021 haiku

a sweet song

my head on your lap
while you hum me a sweet song
slow the day, my love

March 11, 2021 haiku