emptiness, the good kind

the shallow indentation
on the pillow opposite mine
holds its position
like a clue to our mystery
makes me realize
someone not there
creates something that is


but the space you once occupied
is my preference
over the space you have not
just like objects you once touched
are my choice
over objects you have not

to be near a thing
that you were near
feels closer
than apart

March 3, 2021

for the winter

a touch of color
seems to be finding its way
into the grass out front
somewhere under all that snow
is a willingness to grow

as it is for you and me
slow to move
from the chill of the past
but somewhere under all this stress
is the desire to progress

when the snow melts
it waters the earth
and how much warmer is the spring
for the winter?

March 1, 2021


can you hear them sing?
our little feathered prophets
telling of the spring

February 27, 2021 haiku


the only way out
is to keep moving forward
on, until the dawn

February 24, 2021 haiku

so true

the only light tonight
enters my bedroom windows
from the bulbs strung out back

a faint glow
reflecting off the late night snow
offering a warm hello

and my barely open eyes
don’t see much
but the shadowed ceiling

whatever lives deep down in my chest
has some other kind of sight
a perfect vision, despite the light

and it sees me in all my aloneness
and it knows you and all our tenderness
two truths, fully present here in the dark

we are our own trinity
both of us beautifully unique
and also something better
in those moments when we allow
our independence
to be dependence
it takes trust
and it’s hard to hold them all at once

but when we do
oh, it is so true

February 18, 2021

a place

from this view
my curtains are waves
roaring to the shore
throwing salt to the air
raging sounds the sleepers crave

i can hear the gulls
calling to us
i can feel your hand in mine
see the ocean breeze
drag your hair across your cheek
i can sense the power
a place has for us
to be somewhere together
to be anywhere that is safe

and while i wish my arms were enough
i know they can’t protect you
the way miles can
and time

but you should know
i’m happy in any place
as long as you are there

February 18, 2021