cold blue overhead
feel the sun’s warmth on your skin
live under her spell

February 26, 2023 haiku nature


each day
an exercise
for a tree

grip the earth
root down
hold tight

each moment
a rehearsal
for the next

know your lines
hit your mark
speak to be heard

i wonder
can i loosen
the grip
the lines

remember you
your wounds
and me
my pain

February 21, 2023 growth


the ceiling fan spins lazily
shifting curtains
a morning-light waltz
while the sun reaches for noon

those rays saunter in
filtered through linen
romance painted on the walls
stories still being written

i will search for you
like stars seeking skies

and when i find you
i’ll plead with you to grow old
next to me
i’ll beg you to savor the years
by my side
each day, for a lifetime
i’ll ask
will you be my valentine?

February 14, 2023 love


the birds are returning home
pale blue skies
and weather too warm for february
are a welcome invitation
to our leafless trees

they search for old nests
brown and dry from the winter
hoping to bring them back to life

they tell of their adventures
with singing voices
as the sun comes up
each song, a tale of their delight
homecoming compositions
that have never been heard

February 2, 2023 nature


i have never been
surrounded by so much goodness
as when i’ve been
surrounded by you

January 27, 2023


rest well my dreamer
drift easy into the night
know you are enough

January 27, 2023 haiku love

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