somewhere east

i sent you flowers
from a cold city somewhere east
your smile in those blossoms
unfurled me
in new ways

November 2, 2021


each morning
i wake, disassembled by the distance
and you steadily build me back

today i wondered
if we’ve mixed some pieces
you and i, slowly becoming one

November 2, 2021


of water
drift through
the midnight sky

of feelings
to their smallest parts

and just one
lands on my palm
expands on my skin

i hold hope
in my open hand

the kind you feel
just below the surface
the kind that has the power
to unmake you
and make you again

hope for you
hope for us
hope for tomorrow

will you stand with me
in the falling dream?

October 29, 2021


the earth is a silhouette of blue
oceans rising to our siren sun
we are light-times away
and still we watch
all focus on them
but i drift to you
your eyes, two tiny aching planets
gravity so strong
always reaching, always pulling
until i’m so close
our solar systems collide

October 22, 2021

your boys

the sky is misting
in the light before dawn
each droplet
full of sadness and life
no different than your tears
flowing sadly for your boys
while watering your resolve
to love them more

October 16, 2021

she changes me

she changes me
with each look
every brush of skin
and whisper of breath
is a surgeon’s knife
cutting away the rot
to make space for more
more joy
more of what the world is missing
and i’ll come back
to her table
every chance i get
hoping for her touch
her time
she changes me

October 14, 2021