a toast to our sins

the waking light
paints folds in the linen
curtains, intended to keep out the day
but he meanders easily through
asks us to return to life
somewhere between here
and there
is a better reality
one where gentleness
can’t expire
where my hand never leaves yours

my waking thoughts
gather all our choices in the pool
water, there for the birds to bathe
but they drink instead
swallow the past down
one gulp
at a time
a toast to our sins
to our forgiveness
to every fork in every road

November 23, 2022

worlds and wants

this sloppy city energy
is spilt on the sidewalk
dripping down city hall

i am closing all my senses
moving through the dark felt sky
a meditation on your body
fuels my flight

it is there, submerged in the stillness
that i remember why i chose you

the miles can’t restrain my pulse
when every thought
turns to the shape of you
every intention
moves us toward the edge
the blurred space
between here and there
between worlds and wants

my world
i want

November 10, 2022


when i closed my eyes to fall asleep
i saw you in the firelight
a shaw around your shoulders
content with a cool breeze
if the flames promised to warm you

the shadows touched your face
as i have, many times before
in moments of intimacy
in seasons of despair

and i felt foolish
to be jealous of the absence of light

November 5, 2022


pull the thread
that holds me together
take me apart without mercy

if only so that you can gently reassemble
what has been undone

October 25, 2022

every sunrise

the sun is slowly climbing the eastern horizon
spreading its golden light over the autumn leaves
and burning away the morning frost

i stay warm under blankets
wishing you were near
dreaming of a day
when every sunrise
is a chance to kiss you
to feel your skin
warm against mine

October 22, 2022

my star

the cloud cover is heavy
this cold october morning
low hanging gray
draped just overhead

my skin is smooth
from a night against yours
i can feel you on me
sense you through each inhale

and i’ll carry you with me
all day, into the night
all my life, into eternity

you’ll be the sun
breaking through the clouds
my light in a world of gray

shine for me, beautiful one
my star, my love

October 19, 2022

© Copyright Ben Callahan All Rights Reserved