i want to be closer
than physics allows
let’s break the laws of science
with the magic of love

December 17, 2021

between gasps

there is space, still
in the air i breathe
if you want inside
slip in, between gasps
ride down, among particles
inhabit me
become me

there is space, still
in the air i breathe

December 17, 2021

the whole show

she lit december candles
on the icy front porch
two cocktails and two hours
for two old souls to reconnect

i could listen to her voice
spin around forever
nod my head at her disbelief
widen my eyes at her crescendo
and smile as her story ends

to be a part of her tale
to know she chose me
is the greatest honor
and i intend to be around
for the whole show

December 11, 2021


sit beside me
unwind your stories
weave the tales of the day
i will happily listen to your voice
for the rest of my life

December 3, 2021

a quiet garden

our garden is quiet
in the late night chill
brown stems reaching for the moon
grasping for their youth

i’ll wait here for them
to bloom into a new spring
or i’ll wait for you
to rise from the cold earth
declare our future
and with a gentle kiss
warm me back to life

November 29, 2021

a silk bandana

a silk bandana
held back her hair
calmed her waves

but still i heard
the salt water rush
over slipping sand

November 28, 2021