every sunrise

the sun is slowly climbing the eastern horizon
spreading its golden light over the autumn leaves
and burning away the morning frost

i stay warm under blankets
wishing you were near
dreaming of a day
when every sunrise
is a chance to kiss you
to feel your skin
warm against mine

October 22, 2022 love


i saw you last night
on the edge of the ocean
walking quietly

April 14, 2022 haiku love


the outside has come in
open doors and windows
an invitation to the cool
to the crisp early spring

this late day, golden sun
lighting up the branches
a witness to our own invitation

to know each other
to be known by each other

place your hand on my heart
feel the coursing
rising, falling

you are all i want
so, i make you this promise
to hear you when you speak

come inside

March 21, 2022


notice the single petal
of a flower pulled
from the patch near
the cloud shaped stones
we found it
pointing at the
saltwater sentience
it is alive”
we muttered beneath
each fragrant breath
all the air in our lungs
drug over this one

and if you agree
we get to have that
most alive thing between us
the breathing, heavy, real connection
truth and greed
i’ll take you when i need you
you can have me always
all ways

it was there for us
under the old tree
a representation of everything

January 29, 2022


i want to be closer
than physics allows
let’s break the laws of science
with the magic of love

December 17, 2021 love

a silk bandana

a silk bandana
held back her hair
calmed her waves

but still i heard
the salt water rush
over slipping sand

November 28, 2021 love

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