a selfless moment

i find your love
in the filtered 4am light
slipping through the pane
to wake me softly
with a radiant kiss

but you save my lips
for another time
and, gentle, place yours
upon my cheek

this selfless moment
halts the greedy universe
proves right from wrong
clarifies the truth
shows me how to take
our next step

in sync with you
connected is my craving
held close
but free to fly

October 9, 2021

i will stop the world

i find her love
in the space between
the places most look past
under the last few words
of a difficult conversation
behind the critical phrase
we needed to hear
to move beyond

there, amidst the ruble
is the passion of a woman
who has been stifled
for a decade

i will sit beside her
watch her every move
see her in the cold light
be near her in the warmth
feel her soft skin
hot against mine
her breath over me

and i will stop the world
to be her friend
to end her doubt
to make certain she knows
i will always be here
ready and real
listening, waiting, pulling us

October 7, 2021


i am 99% imperfect
and the 1%
is my love for you

October 5, 2021

no matter

the leaves are holding tightly
to their late summer green
working so hard
to find a few more moments of sunshine
before the twilight overwhelms them
with a cold to their core

and i wonder if my grip on our love
is holding off the seasons
or if the beauty of you and i
is in our life through them

whichever is true
i intend to know you well
no matter the time of year

October 1, 2021

back to you

i turned to smile at you
when i first woke this morning
five hundred miles
and i could still feel you with me
my gravity, my center

no matter the distance between us
my direction will always be
back to you

September 17, 2021

only for you

i am found out
discovered and explored
you’ve staked your claim
you’ve called me yours
and yours i am
yours i will always be

so do with me as you wish
but please be tender
this heart is porcelain
fragile in your hands
at home in your embrace
and it opens only for you

September 16, 2021