i am standing still
unseen in the aging light
i am lost between the revolutions

i am breathing deep
unheard in the silent soundscape
i am caught alone in the storm surge

you find me
when i’m lost
offer a way home
your open arms

October 10, 2022

without words

you are standing on the hill
the sunrise tangled in your hair
all the colors of the earth
raging, viscous against your skin

then gravity let’s us go
slowly easing to the stars

in that moment
lazy, drifting in the sky
you capture me
with a look i can’t recall
something new?

i want to see the world with you”
or, maybe, just walk with me”

all the emotion rises to my skin
oceans behind eyes
a deep breath
and ecstasy
twisted into one

all i’ve ever wanted
is to be the one
you speak to without words

October 8, 2022

the dreaming

it’s a cruel thing
being away from you

but cruelty doesn’t know
about our connection
that covers miles
that flattens mountains and curves time

sleep well, my love
i’ll meet you in the dreaming

September 6, 2022

not knowing

and i found your eyes
searching the night sky
speckled drops of ancient light

and i set my course
by their glow

and the texture of your skin
opened doors to other worlds
closed the distance between stars

and allowed us to reach farther
than ever before

who will find us
buried here
beneath the linen
beneath the clouds
beneath it all

who will find us
out there
chasing each breath
but never catching

and when i whisper
i’ll only use those sacred, silent words
to tell you it will be ok
to tell you we can start the journey
not knowing
where we’ll go

September 3, 2022

from the bank

follow me down to the river
toss your worries
leaves floating on the surface
carried away
while we watch from the bank

August 1, 2022 growth

life is here

she loves the places others forget
and the people who tend them

she cherishes the ways we’ve left behind
and makes time to remember them

lift the edge of your dress
when you step off the train
wander back
bare feet in the field
and hands in the earth
the breeze will carry your worry
the creek will clean your soul
life is here
in the real
hands held
eyes locked
time stopped

July 29, 2022 life

© Copyright Ben Callahan All Rights Reserved