a quiet garden

our garden is quiet
in the late night chill
brown stems reaching for the moon
grasping for their youth

i’ll wait here for them
to bloom into a new spring
or i’ll wait for you
to rise from the cold earth
declare our future
and with a gentle kiss
warm me back to life

November 29, 2021

a silk bandana

a silk bandana
held back her hair
calmed her waves

but still i heard
the salt water rush
over slipping sand

November 28, 2021

no stars

there are no stars
in the late november sky
only a shallow gray
like a knee to our neck

that day in the cemetery
i should have pulled you close
seen the stars in your eyes
felt your lips on mine
taken all you had to give
and never looked back

that day in the cemetery

November 25, 2021

this year

this year, all I want
is the gift of your sweet lips
gently on my own

November 22, 2021 haiku

i can never be, everything

i know i can never be
everything you need
i know you need others
to surround you

sometimes even to carry you

but it still breaks me
to feel your sadness
and to see no way
to guide you through it

so instead, i’ll stand beside you
take your hand in mine
and be with you
in the lonely, long night

November 20, 2021


i am layers of sediment
you are oceans of water
we are canyons cut deep
and mountains rising high
from the very beginning
we were bound together
spirals of intimacy
tectonic to the core

November 17, 2021