February 13, 2020


i’ll add a log to the fire
you’ll spread out a blanket

we’ll lie together across the years
and keep learning each other

you’ll sip your wine
i’ll drink you in

in another life we’ve been sprawled
for decades in front of fires

i’ll close my eyes
you’ll trace my skin

see me with the tips of your fingers
walk back the ages to youthful love

you’ll take my hand
i’ll touch your lips

one kiss before this fire transports us
to a new life, without complications
to space that is ours

one kiss while the wood is crackling
to morning routines and time to be
to a slower pace than the world around us

one kiss as the snow eases down
through a past with no regrets
and full of joy for our discovery
a beautiful bend in our old roads
a chance to begin with real love

one kiss
on one blanket
between two souls
turns two lives
into one


© Copyright Ben Callahan All Rights Reserved

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