March 4, 2020

dream boy

she calls me dream boy…

do i only come round when she’s tired?
show up for the fun
then steal her desire?

does she think i’m too good to be true?
make her smile and laugh
then i’m gone, just a fluke?

do i make her feel like she’s falling?
get her heart beating fast
and then leave while she’s calling?

do i help her believe she can fly?
take her up to the clouds
but just watch from on high?

she calls me dream boy
but it’s not what it seems
i’m her man, not a toy
let me tell you what it means

i come around when she’s tired
but i’m here for forever
not too good to be true
just her man and her lover

and she just might be falling
but not from the sky
and i do help her soar
cause together we fly

so i am from her dream
she made me love free
she called to me across time
and she willed me to be

but i’m also for real
don’t you think that i’m playing
she calls me dream boy
i am here and i’m staying


© Copyright Ben Callahan All Rights Reserved

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