July 29, 2020

my amazing experience

the old lamp in our living room is finicky
so it stays on
better to offer its light always
than only half the time it’s needed

these bedroom walls could use a coat of paint
probably best to muffle their voices
so they don’t go telling stories
from our years of loving

and the kitchen table used to shine pure white
now a few too many late night wine glasses
have her a touch less bright
purple rings like bags under her eyes

but somehow you’ve escaped the years with grace
still floating when you walk
across the worn wooden floors
to greet me with your perfect smile
your warmest embrace
with the same kiss we kissed thirty years ago
proof that young love
between old lovers
can still be young love

and in those moments
i know the most difficult experiences
open doors to the most amazing ones
and i’m happy
to have had you
my amazing experience

love growth

© Copyright Ben Callahan All Rights Reserved

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