December 31, 2022

the last rain of the year

i wake to the last rain of the year
pushing down on us from above
it’s an even pressure
no favor shown to the rich
or the beautiful
we are all held by its constancy

across the city, you dream
liquid music sets the scene
a backdrop we share
as the future looms

and tonight we’ll kiss
as the old washes away
it will be a moment
the same as any other
time moves forward
like the rain falls down
with no regard
for those caught in its current

i’m grateful for the rhythm
for trusting that the next second
will arrive just as this one departs
i’m grateful for your touch
for trusting that your skin
will welcome mine
even after this embrace has passed

hold my heart to yours
but loosen your grip on time
watch it slip through your fingers
hear it mark its tempo
see it fall from the gray unknown
and believe we will stand its test

© Copyright Ben Sea All Rights Reserved

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