February 14, 2021

we’ll flip a coin

easy light drifts up the earth’s curve
meets the ancient mist
magnifies the space between us

the thick-feathered birds still rest
shuttered in their woven sticks
high above this sleepless bed

you’re here in memory
carefree in the candlelight
scenting my sheets
a messenger, bearing hope
an oracle, offering something to believe in
distant and difficult
a promised paradise
just beyond the parallel

two futures fill my dreams
when yesterday there were none
your hair across my pillow
changed everything
now nothing can keep me from you
no thing

i’ll give the light back to the stars
the view back to the birds
i’ll give my breath back to the mist
and paradise back to the prophets

but i cannot move without your scent
and we have far to go
so fill my lungs
and take my hand

© Copyright Ben Callahan All Rights Reserved

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