June 19, 2021

what if

what if i saw you
across the avenue
looking at dreams
through glass, perfectly lit

what if i caught your eye
the only one ready
to make you ready
for the real thing

what if i touched your hand
where tradition was gospel
angels singing upward
and love drifting down

and what if our lips touched
on our curb
lifting your body
to my height
and our pulses
s-o-s-ing our need
were screaming into the night
hoping nobody would hear
but you and me
the rest of the world
sleeping life away
in silence
wouldn’t know true love
like we do
like we have
like we are
from now on
lips, touching
but more than that
a point of connection
that digs down into the earth
and roots us there
ready for what comes
even if what comes
is just you and i
older, but together
counting sunsets
hand in hand

© Copyright Ben Callahan All Rights Reserved

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