July 7, 2022

the current

i saw the young us
sitting on the porch
the evening light
stretching long across the lawn
landed softly on your skin

we took a breath
the air thick with a mid-summer weight
rising only for the inhale
then resting low in our lungs

i saw you
with the question in your eyes
trying so hard
to know what was on my mind
which made me laugh
because it’s only ever you

i saw myself
reaching back to my early days
when i believed i was a better man
my heart leaning forward
to catch every word
every emotion
unable to take my eyes away
unwilling to imagine the world without you

those younger us’s
are creeping back in
and i will welcome them
a little wiser
more aware
full of understanding
for the older us
the realistic dreamers
in the river, ready
for the current

© Copyright Ben Callahan All Rights Reserved

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