August 17, 2021

the dreamers

the kitchen is full of love
brilliant smiles from hopeful dreamers
beautiful smells from healthy dishes
the dreamers laugh and argue
playful but intense
every belief so strongly held
experience hasn’t yet weakened their grip
and the meals simmer and sizzle
always delicious if they survive the process
capable of opening minds
the way only food and conversation can

how lucky we have been
to share in these years
watching dreamers grow
to bare the fruit that will feed millions


fresh from the soil
untouched and pure
sliced and seasoned
held to the fire

right now it’s full of pain
to think how quiet this kitchen will be
but we’ve played our part
a proving ground
a place to experiment
a space they will hold to forever
one they will let mold them
even shape the spaces they create
for dreamers yet to come
and dreams yet to be dreamed

© Copyright Ben Callahan All Rights Reserved

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